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Everything You Need to Know Before Installing A Sliding Door

Sliding doors are a great alternative to traditional doors for both interior and exterior doors. They look great and they’re perfect for small spaces as they run on a track and don’t open into the room. Sliding doors with large glass panels let more light in, making your home bright and airy.

However, if you want to go ahead with sliding door installation, it’s important that you do your research first. Here is everything you need to know before installing your new sliding doors. 

Sliding Door Placement

Firstly, you need to decide where to put your sliding doors. They are perfect for bedroom doors and even bathroom doors as long as you choose the right material to maintain privacy. Large glass doors are also ideal for patio areas as they help to connect the outside space with the home. However, from a security standpoint, it is not a good idea to put large glass doors on the front of your house because it makes it a lot easier for somebody to break in. 

Different Types Of Sliding Doors 

Sliding doors with metal curtain rods are the most popular type, especially for us in patio areas. They don’t take up much space in the room because two thin sheets of glass slide over one another on the track. However, some people experience issues because the sliding door installation was not carried out correctly and the track is bent. This means that you don’t get the smooth opening and closing mechanism that you want from your door. The good news is, this can easily be rectified by a professional sliding door repair company. 

Hanging sliding doors hang from a single rail above the doorway and they too can have issues with bent rails if they are not installed and maintained correctly. You may also decide to go for a wall sliding door, which sits in a pocket in the wall when opened. These are ideal if you want to save space in the home, but it is important that the rollers and wheels are installed correctly. If there are problems during the sliding door installation process and the rollers are not aligned properly, the mechanism may not work. They can become clogged with dirt over time as well, so you may need a repair company to replace them for you. 

Different Materials 

As well as the style, you need to consider the material before you go ahead with sliding door installation. Glass is a common choice, but there is naturally a risk of breakages. If the glass does break, you can have it replaced without needing to replace the entire sliding door system. 

Wood is fine for interior doors but it’s not recommended for use in outside areas because the wood can warp and crack when it gets wet. Aluminium is a better choice for exterior doors as it is strong enough to withstand all weather conditions. 

Maintaining Your Sliding Doors 

Once the sliding door installation is complete, you must look after them properly to keep the mechanism in good working order. If there are any problems, there is no need to replace the entire system because a qualified professional can fix them for you. So, before you start looking at brand new doors, contact us today to get the expert advice you need to save yourself a lot of time and money. 


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