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When Do You Need A Professional Repair of Your Sliding Door

If your sliding doors are not working as they should, many people would recommend that you replace the entire thing. But that’s a huge expense and, in most cases, it’s unnecessary because you can repair it instead. 

In some cases, the damage will be too severe to repair and the door system will need to be replaced. However, before it gets to that stage, we can help you to carry out repairs and get your sliding doors working as if they were new. If you want to look after your doors, you need to watch out for common problems and call in a repair company right away. These are some of the times when you need professional sliding door repair. 

Faulty Locks 

Maintaining the locks on your doors is vital because, if they don’t function as they should, your home is not secure. Locks that jam can also create a fire hazard because exit routes from the home are blocked. If you notice that your key doesn’t fit in the lock easily or it is stiff when you try to turn it, you should get it repaired sooner rather than later. The good news is, replacing a lock is a fairly easy job and it won’t cost you that much. 

Damaged Tracks And Rollers  

Is your door slamming instead of closing gently? Perhaps the action is no longer smooth and the door gets stuck when opening and closing? These are signs that there is something wrong with the tracks and they may be bent or worn down. You will usually hear a scraping sound when opening and closing the door if this is the case. It could also be an indication that the rollers are jammed.  When this happens, many people think that the whole door needs to be replaced but that isn’t the case. Damaged rollers are one of the most common issues that people experience with their sliding doors, but the good news is, they are easily replaced. If the track is damaged, it can be straightened or, if necessary, replaced entirely. 

Collapsed Door Frames 

It is quite common for the bottom of the door frames on sliding doors to collapse. This usually happens because of excessive force when opening and closing the doors, so it’s important to treat them with care. However, damaged rails and rollers can also cause damage to the frames. Wooden doors are prone to rotting, which leads to damaged frames too. In cases where the frame of the door itself is damaged, you might assume that it’s best to replace the entire system. However, as long as the rest of the frames and the tracks are in good condition, the single door can be replaced. 

Sliding doors require a lot of maintenance and it is likely that you will experience some problems over the years. But before you start comparing prices for a new sliding door system, get in touch with a sliding door repair company instead. Most problems can be fixed and you will save yourself a lot of money. 

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