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4 Safety Tips to Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

The appeal of glass doors is obvious; they allow in plenty of natural light and look beautiful from the outside. It’s just a shame that they also catch the eye of intruders you might see an easy way into your home. Not only is glass easy to break, but since potential burglars can see inside, it makes your property more vulnerable. Thankfully, there are some excellent security solutions on the market for you to choose from.  

Install a Sliding Glass Door Lock

If you want to prevent intruders from entering through your glass sliding doors, one of the best ways is to install a sliding door lock. The lock is installed at the top of your door, at the point where the sliding glass door and stationary door meet. If you need a service, contact sliding door repairs. These locks are in addition to the standard door lock, and they’re very secure. It can only be accessed from the inside by an adult or someone tall enough to reach it. With the sliding door lock in operation, it is impossible to jimmy open the door from either the inside or the outside. 

Get a Security Bar for Sliding Glass Doors

In a pinch, some people have been known to place a broom or block of wood in the track of the sliding door. It might seem like a failsafe solution to prevent intruders from entering, but the reality is that unless it’s securely fastened down, the loose make-shift security bar can be shuffled loose from the outside.  

Proper security bars, or Charley Bars as they are sometimes known, eliminate these issues with a range of designs that fix the bar to the track or secure it to the wall. Furthermore, a fitted security bar will not shuffle loose or be tampered with by children. 

Get a Security Door Brace for French Doors

French doors pose many of the same security risks as sliding doors. They have large areas of glass that allow burglars to see in, and if they are not properly secured, there are several ways to break the glass and unlock the doors. That’s why it’s a good idea to install a security brace. 

A security brace for french doors is a fixture that screws into the base of the door where they close and locks the handles together. It provides excellent added security. Even if the glass is broken and the door is unlocked, burglars will still not gain access.  

Consider Electronic Security 

Glass doors, whether they are French or Sliding doors, present a greater security risk than most doors, which is why you need to take extra precautions when considering security options. Security bars and braces are excellent choices, but electronic security is also valuable. 

An electronic security system will not prevent burglars from entering, but they will alert you or the police to the intruder’s presence. Your electronic security can be set to a single glass door or can be included as part of a more extensive security system. Both options will provide extra cover for you. 


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